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Project Summaries

Modesto Reservoir is a small lake west of Modesto in the rolling foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The area is used for cattle grazing and to grow nut trees. The Crabtree Family is a large historic land owner on the east side of the reservoir and still farms several large parcels near the lake. Landon Blake was hired by the Crabtree Family to perform multiple lot-line-adjustments between the farm parcels and lake parcels owned by the Modesto Irrigation District. The lot-line-adjustments were performed to move the parcel boundary from the contour lines along the reservoir to existing fence lines. The survey involved the retracement of several large farmland parcels, PLSS section boundaries, and historic lake contours.

This survey established the boundaries of over 1,600 acres of vineyards in the rolling hills of Eastern San Joaquin County near the intersection of Fine Road and Flood Road southeast of Linden, California. As part of the survey over 100 property corner monuments located and several large parcels were located on the ground. The survey also included the preparation of a tentative parcel map, final parcel map, and new easements for access and flood control.

The University of the Pacific sits on a large campus in the center of Stockton, California. Members of the Redefined Horizons Team completed land records research, land title work, and boundary surveys to establish the boundaries of several university campus land parcels on both sides of the Calaveras River. The work also included utility mark and locate services on several large parts of the campus. At the conclusion of the work, a record-of-survey map memorializing the boundary survey was prepared for filing with San Joaquin County.

Smith Canal is a slough that runs along the south side of Smith Tract in Stockton. The slough connects to the Stockton Deepwater Channel just east of the Stockton Port (Rough and Ready Island). Because of the flood risk presented by Smith Canal, members of the Redefined Horizons team helped with surveys and GIS analysis to design a flood gate across the mouth of the canal. This work included levee surveys, levee right-of-way surveys, and GIS analysis to determine the extent of flood plains.

To assist the San Joaquin Area Flood Control Agency with work to re-certify the levees around Smith Tract, members of our team provided right-of-way surveys and topographic surveys along the south levee of the Calaveras River in Stockton. The team also prepared right-of-way maps and levee plan/profile sheets. This work allowed for the design and construction of minor levee improvements needed to obtain re-certification.

Members of the Redefined Horizons Team were selected to complete a record-of-survey map for a small agricultural parcel in southwest Stockton. The parcel lies on French Camp Slough just east of Interstate 5. Services our team members provide don the project included land records research, boundary surveying, and preparation of a record-of-survey map with San Joaquin County.

The University of the Pacific Campus in Stockton, California is bisected by the Calaveres River. The river is hemmed in by urban levees on both sides. Members of our team at Redefined Horizons assisted with land records research and title work to determine the limits of ownership and configuration of parcels both within and adjacent to the river channel where it flows through the campus. Wall-size exhibits of the land net for the river channel were prepared to summarize the findings of the study.

When a local trucking company wanted to expand its trucking yard near Interstate 5, it got help from members of our team at Redefined Horizons. Our team members worked with the trucking company to perform a boundary survey and land title survey (ALTA survey) so the property at the corner of Manthey Road and Interstate 5 could be acquired. After helping the client resolve land title issues, the parcel was purchased and the trucking yard was constructed.

Members of the Redefined Horizons team assisted the City of Stockton with the Airport Way Beautification Project. As part of this project, the City of Stockton improved the medians and sidewalks along two (2) miles of Airport Way in South Stockton. Members of our team worked on land records research, right-of-way mapping, topographic surveys and construction staking.

BrightView Tree Company owns and maintains a large nursery in Farmington, California. Our team at Redefined Horizons helped BrightView with design and construction of a replacement bridge over Dry Creek.

Our services on the project included land records research, boundary surveying, topographic surveys, and preparation of a preliminary site plan for submittal to San Joaquin. We worked closely with the client and their bridge engineer on this project.