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A Great Fit


We love the comfort of slipping into a pair of blue jeans or hiking boots that are a great fit! We are sure you do too! We want you to have that same type of comfort when you work with our team. That means we need to make sure you are a good fit for our services. (Not every client is, and that’s OK.) We want to provide our clients with great value for their money, earn their repeat business, and encourage them to recommend us to their friends and family! That only happens when you have a great fit between client and consultant! To ensure a good fit, you need to know what type of client we are most able to help and what type of characteristics and qualities we are looking for in a client. (You can also watch a video interview with one of our owners, Landon Blake.) In the video Landon talks about the importance of finding a good fit between client and consultant.

What type of client are we able to help the most?

What type of client are we able to help the most? We are best able to help people or organizations that:

  1. Have a commercial real estate project, a small land development project, a right-of-way project, or a small infrastructure project?
  2. They want to hire a small consultant team to provide fast, responsive, and affordable service.
  3. Is looking for a consultant with a great blend of professionalism and technical expertise.
  4. Value honest opinions from their professional consultants, understand that the world is a messy place, and realize it isn’t always possible to eliminate all risk from a project.
  5. Understand that we don’t always have a silver bullet for every problem.
  6. They may not have the time to personally manage every little aspect of their next real estate or infrastructure project.
  7. Seek out a small team that can assemble and manage a diverse group of real estate and design professionals.
  8. Want to build beautiful, efficient, and affordable places to live, work and play right here in the California Central Valley.
  9. Have projects in the California Central Valley that can leverage our local knowledge and relationships.

What are we looking for in a client?

What are we looking for in a great client for our company? Our best clients:

  1. Appreciate a good value, but don’t shop around for the rock-bottom lowest price. They understand that in business, you get what you pay for.
  2. Appreciate innovative thinking and creative problem-solving.
  3. Want to understand the risks and challenges in their next real estate or infrastructure project and minimize those risks through good planning and effective execution.
  4. Prefer to work with a consultant team that lives and works in the California Central Valley.
  5. Puts a high value on honesty and integrity.