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Project Summaries

The City of Ceres constructed a bike and pedestrian path along the bank of the Ceres Main Canal and Moore Road. The project involved reconstructing street intersections along the route, installation of path lighting, new path signs, landscaping, and fencing.

Members of the Redefined Horizons team supported the civil engineer and landscape architect with design of the project improvements. The tasks executed by our team members for the scope-of-services on the project included the following:

  • Control surveys.
  • Topographic surveys of the canal and adjacent streets.
  • Right-of-way surveys for the canal and adjacent streets.

The North Valley Regional Recycled Water Pipeline was built as part of a partnership between the City of Modesto, the City of Turlock, and the Del Puerto Water District. The project delivers treated wastewater from Turlock and Modesto and delivers it to the Del Puerto Water District via the Delta Mendota Canal.

Our team members at Redefined Horizons provided right-of-way and topographic surveys to support the design team on the project. Our team members executed these tasks as part of the scope-of-services for the project:

  • Large scale boundary surveys/right-of-way surveys.
  • Geodetic control surveys and aerial mapping.
  • Ground topographic surveys along the proposed pipeline route at critical locations.
  • Hydrographic surveys of the pipeline crossing of the San Joaquin River.

Embarcadero Center is a commercial complex made up of five (5) towers and over 100 shops, bars, restaurants and other small businesses on a 3 level plaza. The center is located in the Financial District of San Francisco.

Members of the team at Redefined Horizons worked with the owner of Embarcadero Center and a project architect to support the design of street and plaza improvements. As part of the project our team members executed the following tasks on the project:

  • Completed a full boundary survey of 4 city blocks to determine the street right-of-way boundaries surrounding and dividing the center.
  • Completed a dozen design topographic surveys of building entrances and adjacent street frontage.
  • Performed an inventory of tile patterns in all three (3) levels of the plaza. The inventory included interior building photos with a photo index and CAD drawings showing the extent and dimensions of tile patterns.

Modesto and Empire Traction Railroad Company is a short line railroad operating in Modesto, California. Their railroad tracks serve variety of industrial businesses in the south part of the city of Modesto.

Our team at Redefined Horizons assisted a civil engineer and structural engineer with the design of improvements to the existing railroad bridge over Dry Creek. Our team members executed the following tasks as part of the scope-of-services for this project:

  • Chain of title research and chain-of-title mapping.
  • Boundary surveys.
  • Topographic surveys of the creek channel.
  • Scans and total station surveys of the existing railroad bridge.