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At Redefined Horizons, we offer a few key services to our client, with a focus on commercial real estate (agricultural land, industrial land, and commercial property) in the California Central Valley. Our key services are:

  1. Boundary surveying and land title consulting.
  2. Land use planning and land development consulting.
  3. Flood hazard management.
  4. Geographic Information System design, implementation and maintenance.

Below you will find details on these key services. If you’d like to contact us to talk about your project or real estate transaction, reach out to Landon Blake, the owner of our company. He’ll be happy to answer your call or respond to a quick e-mail.

If you want information on our services that are easy to download and print, you can download a PDF we’ve put together with information about our services for commercial real estate organizations and professionals.

Boundary Surveying and Land Title Consulting

Land Use Planning and Land Development Consulting

  • Lot-Line-Adjustment Preparation and Processing
  • Parcel Map Preparation and Processing
  • Major Subdivision Map Preparation and Processing
  • Land Use Planning Review and Management
  • Zoning Variance Preparation and Processing
  • LAFCO Annexation Geographic Description Preparation and Processing
  • Building Setback Exhibits
  • Business Improvement District Maps/Exhibits/Geographic Descriptions
  • Maps, Exhibit, and Geographic Description Preparation for General Plans, Specific Plans, Development Agreements and Public Meetings
  • Neighborhood and Community Design
  • Design Support Surveys (Topo and Boundary)
  • Real Estate Project Management
  • Zoning Reports

Flood Hazard Management

  • FEMA Elevation Certificate Preparation and Processing
  • FEMA CLOMA/LOMA Preparation and Processing
  • FEMA CLOMR/LOMR Preparation and Processing
  • Flood Hazard Review and Analysis
  • Surveys for Floodplain and Floodway Analysis
  • Topographic Surveys and Boundary Surveys For Flood Management Infrastructure
  • Custom Flood Hazard and Flood Fight Maps

Geographic Information Systems

  • Land parcel GIS Design, Implementation, and Maintenance
  • GIS Integration of Survey Data For Land Boundaries and Civil Infrastructure
  • High–Quality Cartographic Map and Map Book Design and Creation
  • Land Use Regulation Impact Analysis
  • Buildable Land GIS Analysis
  • Land Value GIS Analysis
  • GIS For Land Development
  • GIS For Land Management