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Providing Value

The second most important thing you can do in business is provide your clients with great value for their money. (The first and most important thing you can do is hire the right people for your team.) The provision of great value to our clients is central to how we design and manage our business. What specific things do we do to provide value to our clients? They include the following:

  1. We work to clearly understand our clients’ objectives and goals for each project.
  2. We regularly invest in the education of our team and the technology they have at their disposal.
  3. We build good relationships with a variety of real estate and design professionals. Those professionals are then invited to share their expertise on our client’s projects.
  4. We work to keep our overhead costs low and our fees affordable. We do this partly by living and working right here in the California Central Valley.
  5. We research and execute unique technical and legal solutions to our clients’ challenges.
  6. We provide our clients with honest advice and feedback, even when they don’t want to hear it. This helps them avoid the trap of making long-term mistakes for short-term gain.
  7. We help our clients make accurate assessments of risk on their projects. We don’t use scare tactics; we don’t sugar coat reality, and we don’t sell our clients solutions they don’t need.

You can watch a video interview with one of our owners, Landon Blake. In this video Landon talks about the 7 ways his team strives to provide value to clients.