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Boundary Surveying Services


On this web page you can learn more about the boundary surveying services provided by Redefined Horizons. You can also watch this video for a brief overview of the boundary surveying services our team provides. If you are interested in talking to us about your needs for boundary surveying, please reach out to Landon Blake.

What Type Of Boundary Surveying Services Does Redefined Horizons Provide?

About 30% of our business is providing high-quality ALTA surveys (land title surveys) for commercial real estate transactions with a quick turn-around. Our typical turn-around on a land title survey is 10 working days and can be as few as 5 working days. Another 20% of our business is working with land attorneys on specialized boundary surveys (water boundaries, unsurveyed land parcels, parcels with land title problems). Land development and land subdivisions are another 10% of our business.

Here is a quick bullet list of our boundary surveying services:

Free Boundary Surveying Services

We also provide these free boundary surveying services to qualified real estate professionals in commercial real estate or land development:

Why Hire Redefined Horizons For Your Boundary Survey?

There are several reasons why you should hire the team at Redefined Horizons for your next boundary survey in Central California or Western Nevada:

  • Boundary surveying is the primary service we provide clients, and our quality of boundary surveying is second-to-none. Landon Blake, the senior land surveyor and founding partner at RH, takes great pride in being one of California’s best boundary surveyors.
  • We offer unparalleled turn around times. There isn’t anywhere else in Central California you can go to get a high quality boundary survey in 5 to 10 working days.
  • We aren’t afraid of the boundary surveying tasks that scare other land surveyors. Do you have a problem with a water boundary? Do you have land that hasn’t ever been surveyed before? Do you own 640 acres in rugged mountain terrain? Do you have a parcel with major land title problems? We aren’t afraid.
  • Unlike many other boundary surveyors, we don’t discover a problem with your parcel and then walk away – never to answer the phone again. If we find a boundary or land title problem with your parcel, we can offer advice and help you solve the problem!
  • Our boundary surveying services mesh neatly with our other professional services. Our private land use planning services, land development services, flood hazard management services complement our boundary surveying services. We provide what you need to get your real estate transaction closed or your land development project entitled and built.