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Farmland Surveys


We located our headquarters at Redefined Horizons in the heart of California’s Central Valley. The California Central Valley is an agricultural powerhouse. Crops grown in the valley include nut trees (walnuts and almonds), citrus trees, wine grapes, and row crops like asparagus and tomatoes. The San Joaquin Delta has some of the richest agricultural soil globally.

How We Can Help Farmers

How can our team at Redefined Horizons help farmers and agricultural landowners? We can provide the following services for agricultural land:

  • Boundary Surveys
  • Easement Mapping
  • Due Diligence For Ag Land Transactions
  • Agricultural Subdivisions/Homesite Parcels
  • Conservation Easement Creation And Modification
  • New Access Easements, Irrigation Easements, Power Easements, and Drainage Easements
  • Management of Large Land Holdings With GIS
  • Land Use Planning
  • Land Title Surveys
  • Building Permits For Agricultural Buildings

Why Choose Redefined Horizons For Agricultural Land Surveys?

Both the partners in Redefined Horizons have a long history of surveying to support agriculture. Dani grew up on the farms west of Modesto in Stanislaus County. He performed surveys for agricultural operations during his time at Hawkins and Associates. Landon grew up in the Flathead Valley of Northwest Montana, home to timber harvesting and the farming of wheat, mint, apples, and cherries. He spent several years of his early career doing extensive surveys on farms in the Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta.

Redefined Horizons is a non-union company with affordable hourly rates for surveying services. The Redefined Teams have a thorough knowledge of local land use regulations that apply to agriculture. Both Dani and Landon take pride in their strong country work ethic and have high moral values. Both Dani and Landon have worked with local reclamation districts and irrigation districts.

Example Farmland Surveys

The following are examples of the farmland surveys that Dani and Landon have performed in Central California:

Water Rights

The water rights are critical for California and Nevada farms. Landon Blake has worked with civil engineers and land attorneys to help establish and protect farmers’ water rights in Central California for over 15 years. This includes historical research, interpretation of historical maps, historical aerial photos, GIS analysis, expert witness testimony, and appearances before the California Water Resources Control Board.

Resources For Farmland Owners

The resources below are coming soon!

  • Infographic: A Guide To San Joaquin County Agricultural Zones
  • Infographic: A Guide To San Joaquin County Homesite Parcels
  • Article: An Overview Of The California Williamson Act
  • Infographic: A Guide To Creating Irrigation Easements
  • Article: Don’t Pay For Farmland By The Acre Without A Survey
  • Article: A Guide To The NRCS Conservation Easement Survey Specification
  • Guidebook: A Review Of California Water Rights For Farmers – Guide From A Land Surveyor
  • Guidebook: The Farm Buyers Checklist – Guide From A Land Surveyor