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Project Summaries

On Friday, February 17, 2023 our team at Redefined Horizons will be teaching a free webinar entitled "Boundary Surveys- Getting What You Need And What You Pay For". The webinar is designed for civil engineers, architects, and project managers that are responsible for obtaining boundary surveys.

Here is the outline for the webinar:

1) Can you sell an honest boundary survey?
2) Understanding the problem and its causes.
3) What do you do as an honest surveyor or a client?
4) Getting what you need in a boundary survey.
5) Getting what you pay for in a boundary survey.
6) Tools to help.
7) Coming soon!

You can register using this simple online form:

Redefined Horizons helped a land owner in Oridina California perform a lot-line-adjustment. The lot-line-adjustment created a new buildable parcel. The client didn’t realize they already owned two legal parcels. They first asked for a minor subdivision (or parcel map). Our team saved the client significant money by proposing a lot-line-adjustment instead of a parcel map. Our services on the project included a boundary survey, topographic survey, completion of the lot line adjustment application, preparation of land descriptions and land title work. We submitted the initial lot line adjustment application less than 15 working days from the start of the project.

Redefined Horizons performed a boundary survey and UAV aerial mapping of a small homesite and pasture. The parcel we surveyed is in Byron, California, south of Highway 4. We also provided expert witness services and review of chain-of-title documents.

The owner of two auto dealerships at the Tracy Mall hired Redefined Horizons to perform a minor subdivision (parcel map). As part of the minor subdivision, we split an existing parcel into two parcels. The services we provided as part of the subdivision included a boundary survey, easement mapping, a topographic survey, preparation of a tentative parcel map, preparation of a final parcel map, and monument placement. We also prepared land descriptions for new easements. The easements were for parking, utilities and drainage.

When a real estate broker needed a boundary survey of a single family home in an upscale neighborhood of San Mateo in just five working days, she called Redefined Horizons. We quickly performed the work needed to resolve the parcel boundary, create a high-resolution low-altitude color UAV orthophoto, and provide an existing conditions exhibit. Our tasks on the project also included monument placement, preparation of a record-of-survey map, and coordination with a land attorney to resolve a long-standing boundary encroachment.

The Redefined Horizons team provided a boundary survey and ALTA survey for a renewable energy project on this 28 acre parcel in Central Oregon. The site will provide grid energy storage. Tasks completed on the project included a field survey of over a dozen property corner monuments and review of 20 exceptions to title insurance coverage. A high-resolution low-altitude color UAV orthophoto was also provided as part of the survey.

Redefined Horizons was hired to prepare a boundary survey and site plan for a lot-line-adjustment of several agricultural parcels just outside of Visalia, California. Tasks completed on the project included preparation of land descriptions and plats for the lot-line-adjustment. The survey work products were submitted to the County of Tulare within 5 working days of notice-ot-proceed.

Redefined Horizons surveyed a small industrial parcel in the City of Hayward to support the design and construction of a new steel frame building. Tasks performed on the project included a boundary survey, topographic survey, preparation of an existing conditions exhibit, coordination with the structural engineer and coordination with the civil engineer.

Redefined Horizons was hired to perform a boundary survey of a 20 acre pasture outside of Hilmar, California as part of a real estate transaction. The survey was completed and an existing conditions exhibit delivered to the buyer of the parcel in just 10 working days. Our tasks on the survey also included setting property corner monuments and preparing a record-of-survey map.

Redefined Horizons performed a boundary survey and topographic survey to support the redesign of a health care facility in Orangevale, California. Tasks completed on the project included preparation of drawings to support design of building additions and site improvements.