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Land Surveying In Stockton – California


On this web page you can learn a bit about the geography of Stockton, California. You can also learn a bit about Stockton’s unique land surveying history.

Our Relationship To Stockton

Landon Blake (the owner of Redefined Horizons) and his wife, Monique, call Stockton home. Monique is a lifetime resident of the city. Landon moved to Stockton in 2003. He moved shortly after graduating from college with his degree in land surveying. The couple bought a modest home in the Little John’s Creek subdivision east of Highway 99 and north of Arch Road in Southeast Stockton in 2008. They have lived there ever since.

Stockton Surveying Experience

The Redefined Horizons team has a lot of experience surveying in Stockton. Landon has been surveying in and around Stockton for almost 20 years. Landon has performed the following types of surveys in Stockton:

  • Boundary surveys
  • Control surveys
  • Topographic surveys
  • Right-of-Way surveys
  • GIS surveys
  • Land title surveys

Specific projects in Stockton that Landon has performed surveys for include:

  • Surveys to support the design and construction of the Sperry Road Extension Project between Airport Way and Interstate 5
  • Surveys to support the design of the interchange improvements to the junction of French Camp Road and Interstate 5
  • Surveys to support the design of the Crosstown Freeway Extension to Rough and Ready Island.
  • Surveys to support the design and construction of the Downtown Marina and Promenade Project
  • Surveys to support conceptual planning of interchange improvements to Highway 99 and Eight Mile Road Junction
  • Surveys to support conceptual planning of interchange improvements to Highway 99 and Morada Lane Junction
  • Surveys to support the design and construction of the Airport Way Median Beautification Project

Landon has also conducted private land surveys and land title surveys (ALTA surveys) throughout Stockton. (A recent example includes a land title survey he performed for an industrial property on Airport Way and Zephyr Drive.)

Here are links to project summaries for a few of the projects Landon has completed in Stockton:

Stockton Geography

Here are some basic geography facts about Stockton:

  • Stockton is the county seat of San Joaquin County.
  • Stockton is the largest city in San Joaquin County.
  • Stockton has two major north/south transportation routes: Interstate 5 and Highway 99.
  • Stockton connects to 3 state highways: Highway 4, Highway 88, and Highway 26.
  • Two rivers flow through Stockton. The San Joaquin River and the Calaveras River.
  • Stockton is home to San Joaquin Delta College and the University of the Pacific.
  • Stockton holds a significant industrial and logistical base.
  • Stockton plays a substantial role in the processing and shipping of agricultural products.

Here are some unique facts about Stockton’s Geography:

  • The west side of Stockton is in the San Joaquin/Sacramento Delta. Levees protect portions of West Stockton from flooding. Large areas of the city are at or below sea level.
  • Stockton has the Western United States’ only inland deep-water port. This port serves large oceangoing ships.
  • The large EBMUD freshwater pipeline cuts Stockton almost in half.

Stockton’s Unique Surveying History

Stockton has a bit of a unique surveying history. Here are a few surveying history facts about the city:

  • Most of the city sits inside a Mexican land grant known as Rancho Campo De Los Franceses. (This means “Camp of the French.”) The land grant was named for the camp of French fur traders who were among the area’s first residents. (French Camp is still found on the south edge of Stockton.) The land grant is also known as the CM Weber Grant after Captain Charles M Weber.
  • The beds of sloughs and rivers within the city are owned by the adjacent upland owners, not California. This results from the Mexican law that governed property in the land grant.
  • Flooding is a huge issue in Stockton because of its low elevation and adjacent rivers. Most construction in Stockton requires the work of land surveyors. They determine likely flood water elevations before people build new structures.
  • Land surveyors work hard to watch, maintain, and improve the levee network in and around Stockton.