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Project Summaries

A parcel in Martinez was land-locked, without legal access to the public road. The team at Redefined Horizons created and helped get the needed access easement. Services on the project included coordination with the title company and land attorney. The RH team also performed a boundary survey and created UAV aerial mapping along John Muir Road. Over 40 easement documents and land descriptions were also prepared for the project. The initial boundary survey, UAV aerial mapping and easement documents were provided in under 30 days from the start of the project.

Redefined Horizons was hired to prepare a boundary survey and topographic survey of a small mountain lot in Kirkwood, California. Tasks completed on the project included preparing drawings to support the design of a custom home on the lot.

The Redefined Horizons team helped provided land surveying services to the developer and design team on the Highland Park land development project in Merced, California. The project built townhouses and apartments on a 13 acre infill parcel north of Bear Creek and south of Olive Avenue in the city. The land surveying services provided by Redefined Horizons on the project included boundary surveying, preparation of a land title survey, preparation of elevation certificates, monument preservation, filing of corner records, and technical assistance with floodplain mapping and flood hazard mitigation.

The team members of RH assisted with the mapping needed for the West Oakdland BART Station Redevelopment Project. The project will build 726 housing units in a high-density mixed used development on the parking lot of the station. As part of the services on the project, RH team members performed UAV flights and UAV photogrammetry to support the design of the project improvements.

The Volta Road Rock Quarry sits on a 85 acre parcel just west of Interstate 5 and north of Los Banos Reservoir outside of Los Banos, California. The team from RH performed a boundary survey and prepared a record-of-survey map for the parcel owner. Services on the project included setting all property corner monuments on the subject parcel and rehabilitating nearby property corners monuments on neighboring parcels.

The team at RH performed control surveys, boundary surveying, UAV aerial mapping, and ground topographic surveys for a proposed residential subdivision in Merced, California. Services on the project included providing high-resolution, low-altitude color orthophotography for 126 acres and performing a cross section survey of over 3,500 feet of the MID Sell’s Lateral.

Whiskey Slough runs through the heart of McDonald Island in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. The Slough was a navigable body of water and tidally influenced before the reclamation of McDonald Island. Landon Blake (the founder of Redefined Horizons) performed historical research, analysis, interpretation of aerial photos, and boundary surveys to locate the historical extent of Whiskey Slough on McDonald Island. This work was influential in establishing the limits of public rights to the bed of Whiskey Slough on the island.

Terminous Tract is located in the center of the Sacramento Delta and is bi-sected by State Highway 12. Landon Blake (the founder of Redefined Horizons) worked to survey 300 acres of farmland on Twitchell Island for the Munger Brothers. The survey included setting property corner monuments, resolving land title issues related to Island Slough, and establishing the riparian boundary of Sycamore Slough, and establishing the right-of-way of Old Terminous Road and Highway 12. A lot-line-adjustment between the two farm parcels was also completed.

When friends of our company needed to modify a conservation easement over a nut tree orchard in west Stanislaus County, we were happy to help! As part of our work we surveyed the 100 acre orchard, coordinated with the farmland trust on the location of the new homesite parcel and and access easement, and prepared the documents needed for the NRCS application for easement modification. These documents included a land description package for the new conservation easement. Our survey also included placing all missing monunments on the parent parcel, monumenting the new homesite parcel, and filing a record-of-survey map with Stanislaus County.

The Smith Family hired our team to survey a small pasture along the Stanislaus River. The parcel is located on Division Road south of Manteca, California. The survey involved the retracement of several small farmland parcels and river levee right-of-way. After the initial boundary survey our team assisted the client with lot-line-adjustments to remove large encroachments on both the north side and south side of the parcel. Monuments were set, and a record-of-survey map reflecting the new parcel configuration was filed.