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Project Summary: Crabtree Farms Lot-Line-Adjustments

Modesto Reservoir is a small lake west of Modesto in the rolling foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The area is used for cattle grazing and to grow nut trees. The Crabtree Family is a large historic land owner on the east side of the reservoir and still farms several large parcels near the lake. Landon Blake was hired by the Crabtree Family to perform multiple lot-line-adjustments between the farm parcels and lake parcels owned by the Modesto Irrigation District. The lot-line-adjustments were performed to move the parcel boundary from the contour lines along the reservoir to existing fence lines. The survey involved the retracement of several large farmland parcels, PLSS section boundaries, and historic lake contours.

Landon Blake is a land surveyor and private land planner. He is licensed in California and Nevada. He is also a Certified Federal Surveyor and an FAA Part 107 Certified Remote (UAV) Pilot.

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